Thanks For Stopping By!

Hey there, and thank you for visiting my store.  My name is Chris Newsom, and I am the owner and chief tackiness officer here at Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  However, you may see my name spelled ‘Kris’ around the site.  Don’t worry, that’s still me.   My Christmas spirit seems to overtake me this time of year and I accidentally spell it that way.  Just a small tribute to the great Kris Kringle.

Anyway you probably love ugly Christmas sweaters so we are here to offer you the best and most outrageous selection of ugly Christmas sweaters around.  We do not take in huge shipments of sweaters and throw them all online.  We specifically hand-pick each sweater before we purchase them.  We are committed to only offering sweaters that are wild, colorful, full of spirit, unusual and packed with all kinds of tackiness, so that you make an impression when you arrive at your ugly sweater party this year.

How It All Started

The idea for this store came to me one day back in 2012 when my wife and daughter were poking a little fun at me for a sweater I was wearing that had a bit of Christmas spirit knitted into it.  That brought to mind that I had heard about this craze where people wear ugly Christmas sweaters to parties for fun.  Well,  I figured that everyone should be able to enjoy the experience I just had of having people close to you laugh at you for your overdone Christmas spirit, so Real Ugly Christmas was born.

We have had such a blast providing awesome Christmas sweaters for everyone, and we hope you will join us.

You are going to love being a customer of ours.  We take pride in every sale and every sweater.  If you have questions or comments we will respond to you SUPER FAST via our Contact Us page.

We are committed to quality and customer service, and our goal is to make sure no customer is EVER regretful that they bought from us.  We ship fast and with care.

Please browse around.  In addition to the sweaters we have for sale,  we also have an awesome blog filled with all kinds of ugly sweater and Christmas fun including an awesome list of the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas, and FREE  downloadable and customizable ugly sweater party invitations.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please tell your friends about all the fun they are missing.