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Our Custom Creations Sweaters Are Outrageous!

If you are looking for something a little bit less than ordinary you will LOVE our ‘Custom Creations’ line of ugly Christmas sweaters.  We hand-design these wild and ridiculous sweaters to make sure you are the tackiest of the tacky this Christmas.  We have light-up sweaters, sweaters that sing, and much more!

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Here at Real Ugly Christmas Sweaters we pride ourselves in the ugly and the hideous, and our line of ugly Christmas sweaters is all that and a bag of peppermints.  We sell vintage and new light-up ugly Christmas sweaters, men’s, women’s, kids, and tons of other outrageous Christmas sweaters and accessories ready to make you the hit of the party this Christmas.

We work incredibly hard to make each customer feel special and appreciated.  Join us as we take Christmas to a whole new level of fun.

Kris - Founder and Chief Tackiness Officer